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Welcome to the Website of the Department of the Forest Botany, Dendrology and Geobiocoenology

The Department was established in 1922 as the Dendrology Department. It provides instruction in a wide range of biological disciplines concerning plant organisms and communities for many fields of study at the University, particularly general and specialised botany, dendrology, phytocoenology, forest typology, landscape ecology, nature and landscape protection and conservation, geobiocoenology and ecophysiology of woody species. In recent years, subjects concerning agroforestry in the subtropics and tropics also have been introduced. The Department manages herbaria, a xylotheque with around 80,000 specimens, as well as arboreta (Křtiny, Řícmanice and Habrůvka), all of which contribute importantly to teaching and research. The Department's research activities cover the use of molecular biology in taxonomy and population ecology, ecophysiology of trees (particularly at the organ level), biology of native and non-native plant species (woody and herbal), and the dynamics of forest geobiocoenosis development.